Peter Morgan







My discussions with RTE in relation to re imagining the Angelus, maintaining the one minute duration but making the concept more inclusive, have now been agreed.

My video, and videos by students from Limerick School of Art and Design, are currently running every Friday at 6:00pm - a moment of reflection.




















1 min video pan, The forest



Over the last few years I have been photographing and making what I think of as little things, these are seen, found or created. They are firstly images, but, like most images, there is a story and it is that story which reveals another dimension. Slowly these two elements of image and text are coming together which will be presented as a book  and or as a slide show with a voiceover.






Peter Morgan and Judy Kravis


A project about Lismore for a book to be published by The Lilliput Press and a soundpiece to be played in Saint Carthage Cathedral, Lismore.


Lismore is a castle town by a river with a dying Main Street and a high-end art gallery. ‘It’s a stage set with no show’, one man said, ‘the town isn’t just on its knees, it’s on its back’. We propose to activate Main Street by setting up a pop-up Talking Shop where we will listen to and record what people have to say about their lives and their town. Their participation will form the substance of the book and the sound piece we will create for the cathedral.